Sunday, October 17, 2010

Red Rose

This will have to do for a few days. Posted by Picasa

"What boots up must come down." ~ Author Unknown
Well, it happened. I thought it was going to happen yesterday when I got up, went in to my Mac and tried to wake it up. It had a stroke during the night and wouldn't wake up. So I performed CPR and did a little shock therapy and it wouldn't turn on. It sat there and spun with a faint mechanical noise every ten to fifteen seconds. I dug out the handy dandy manual and paged on back to "troubleshooting... if your Mac won't start up". Check the cords. Cords intact. Turn off power, remove cord, wait 30 seconds, reset and try again... nothing. OK.. next. Press the power button and quickly hold down the command key, option key, P key, and R key. OK. (Try doing that fast with two hands). Nothing. OK... take off all connections to printers, internet etc. and try pressing the power button while holding down the "D" Key until you hear the start up boom. OK... first time nothing. The second time... a loud horn like sound (not the melodious low chime normally heard) and a flickering of blue and there it is. Sigh of relief. I went ahead and restarted it and it did fine, so I ran the hardware scan and it found no problem. It worked all day and into the evening just fine. So, I let it go to sleep as usual last night.

This morning.... it wouldn't wake up. This time NOTHING worked. Not even the mysterious "D" key. Looking back on it I think the startup yesterday had nothing to do with the "D" key but was rather simple luck. That motorized whine that cycled every ten seconds or so yesterday was gone... only one was heard when the power button was first pushed. So I called Apple Care and fortunately the Mac is still on the plan and I will take it in to a local place tomorrow for it to be fixed. This is the same place I had to take my Dad's old Mac many years ago when, as a brand new machine it wouldn't start up. That was user error. While I was out for only one hour, he managed to throw the system folder away and it simply won't run without a system folder. They fixed it and we locked the system folder so he could never do that again. Anyway, it may take several days to fix MY Mac and I will not likely be on here.

I had withdrawal pain today. I couldn't work on my garden journal... on the Mac. I couldn't work on my pictures... on the Mac. I couldn't do e-mail... without waiting thirty minutes for this very, very slow PC to open Outlook Express. This old PC needs more RAM and other things. I am used to using both PC and Mac and can go between them rather easily, but this is excruciatingly slow. I hope that this post will cure my withdrawal until I get back on... that somehow the pain that is trying to get this Dell to work faster than a snail will force me to simply not think about the computer for a day or two. Not likely. But there is good news... I quit hyperventilating about a half an hour ago.

Let's not say good-bye, just "see you later."

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PS: Wow! I never knew how much better the template looks on a MAC. On a PC, at least on this old Dell, you can't see the very large decorative "Quote marks" that are there right in front of my quote on the MAC. Hmm. Oh, Well!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh, yipes!! It's just such an awful sinking feeling when this happens...non-bloggers just wouldn't understand how much worse it is for us. But I'm so glad tyou have a store nearby and a current warrenty!! It could be much worse. Your post looks wonderful as usual and the rose is breathtaking. You'll be back in no time, but I will miss you.

Scarlet said...

I've always been a PC user... Mac's confuse me. But now my partner is threatening to buy me an iPad. It scares me.

Beautiful rose photo!!!

sandra said...

a few months ago when mine crashed, afer 2 days of very bad withdrawal, i borrow a lap top from a friend who has 3 computers and when i came in and connected it was like heaven. living without computer is now a thing of the past.  you must have a second one. i want a second one Just In Case. love the rose

kenju said...

Your template looks great here, and the red rose is so sensual!! what a color!

I hate computer problems!! Get some new memory in your old PC - it has worked wonders on mine.

We have a 'gremlin' in our 2nd computer. He has deleted our mail folders for the second time - and no one knows how it happened. I've lost at least 20 emails that were important for me to keep - and now they are gone. It is very frustrating, but I think that mr. kenju and I are going to have to quit sharing email. I will start using my private gmail account for everything - as it is the only way I can be sure that important stuff will not be deleted.

colleen said...

Our computers have become like extenstions of our body and amputations are hard!  Will you have to bury it and get a  new model?  Glad you at least have some back-up.

Carmi said...

I feel your ever word, for a computer is such a personal tool that any change in how it works relative to us can completely throw our sense of balance off. The writer in me cringes at the prospect of losing my main work machine.

Interestingly, my daughter bought her first-ever computer this week - a MacBook Pro. She's tickled with it, of course. And as I look at my slowly fading HP business laptop, I know a similar wake-up-dead moment awaits me in the next few months. I dread it, as I love this machine. But I realize nothing's forever. We get a few good years out of our machines before it's time to move on.

As long as the data's backed up elsewhere, of course!

Carmi said...

Oops...make that "I feel your every word..." I'm not on my beloved HP. I'm using the netbook with the icky screen and tiny keyboard. My fingers can't cope. Sorry.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I certainly emphasize with you. any time my computer goes down I get withdrawl.  I'm also paranoid about backing up everything.  I only have one computer, but have my husbands just in case but my files aren't there and using his set up makes me think words I shouldn't be thinking.  I wish you peace until you get your computer back.
:^A Johnina

ann said...