Friday, March 09, 2007

Caught With Her Nose In The Catnip Jar

"What exactly are you trying to do there, Chloe?"
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"The last thing I would accuse a cat of is innocence." ~ Edward Paley
The kitties had to spend most of the day in the sunroom today so I put out some of their toys and was filling one of the catnip toys with these pellets when Chloe decided to stick her nose in the jar. I don't know if it was the lure of the catnip or simply the fact that it was an open jar. She can't seem to resist open jars of any type; or cups, small boxes and those large plastic soft drink glasses that some places serve up. Perhaps it was a little of both, as she had been rolling around with a catnip toy before checking out the jar.

"Whoa! Looks like that catnip makes those crossed eyes worse!" Posted by Picasa

Chloe's eyes are always a little crossed but the catnip fumes seem to make them worse, or else just the surprise of getting caught with a face in the "nip" jar. At times like this, I wonder if she sees two of everything like Clarence, The Lion.

Chloe's crossed eyes are going to wander on over to Friday's Ark at the Modulator and then to this weeks edition of the Carnival of the Cats. The carnival is being held at its home page this week. There are always a great group of handsome and gorgeous felines over there.

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