Thursday, March 15, 2007

Holding Hands...

...and skimming stones Posted by Picasa
"As on the smooth expanse of crystal lakes
The sinking stone at first a circle makes;
The trembling surface by the motion stirr'd,
Spreads in a second circle, then a third;
Wide, and more wide, the floating rings advance,
Fill all the watery plain, and to the margin dance."
~ Alexander Pope, "Temple of Fame"
How many of you have stood on the edge of a smooth calm lake, taken a flat stone and skimmed it across the top of the water? I have seen it done but am a complete failure at the whole process. Perhaps I've never been able to pick the right type of stone or hold it just right or get enough spin or force on the throw; mine simply do a big "kerplunk" and make ripples outward from the point of entry. After three years of Physics in high school and college, I could have explained how it worked but I've just never been able to do it. This should go on the list of 1,000 things I want to do before I die, but it would be one that never gets done. My dad can do it. I bet my brother can do it. I can't. And I really love the look of the rippled waves that spread from the touched zones as they move across the water and interact with each other. If I ever come across someone skimming stones, I'll be sure to capture it with my camera. But until then my single splash will just have to do.

Submission for Thursday Challenge topic "water". (end of post)

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