Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"In a cat's eyes, all things belong to cats." ~ English Proverb
Miss Clover hardly ever shows her tummy, preferring to sleep curled up in a tight ball. She has no qualms, however, about sleeping on someone or something else's tummy. This little Care Bear was a gift for Nyssa's 21st birthday as a commemoration of her first birthday party. I was going to wrap it and just left for a few seconds to find the paper and gift bag and a card. I returned to find this... a sleeping cat propped up on the teddy tummy. This is as close to a "tummy tuesday shot" as Miss Clover will ever get. Sorry about the cat hair, Nyssa!

"Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own." ~ John Dingham

A little sleeping ladybug has appeared on the back of the loveseat. I wonder how long it will take the felines to notice. Shh! Here comes Mr. Rhett....

Rhett: "Hmm. What's this?! It almost looks like a sleeping human... it has a hand and a face but it doesn't smell like a human. It isn't moving."

"And what is this back here? It's red and there are spots! AND A BIG HUMP ON ITS BACK! It must have something bad, perhaps something contagious! How else would it get that hump?

"MOM! Get this thing off the sleeping area! I think a ladybug and a baby got stuck in one of those teleport chambers and got joined together accidentally! Don't you remember?! Like that man in that scary movie.... The Fly and all his nails and teeth fell out and he grew this awful stubble stuff all over his body and he was grotesque.... Do you supposed that is what happened? Do you think? Hey! Mom! Do you think that's what made the ladybug hump on this baby doll?" (Pause... quiet... Rhett pokes the ladybug monster with his paw and I hear a soft "huff 'n puff" ..... "It's a doll... a weird ladybug baby doll") "Mom?! ..... Never mind."

Miss Clover and "Blabber mouth" Rhett share the love of stuffed animals this week at Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina and Miss Clover finds tummy comfort for Tummy Tuesday over at catstuff.

Rhett: "Mom! I heard that Miss Willow was going to Friday's Ark! Can I go too? Please!" "Oh, OK..... May I go too? Hmmm... well, OK, if Clover has to come with me...mumble..mumble." "If I take Clover, may I go to the Carnival of the Cats too?"....."Purr... she said yes!"

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