Monday, May 11, 2009

A Blue Macro Monday

Centaurea cyanus, blue cornflower
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"Blue thou art, intensely blue;
Flower, whence came thy dazzling hue?"
~ James Montgomery

It is definitely a "blue" Monday here. The rain that moved out and gave us a glorious Mother's Day is back... and along with it a gloomy, cloudy, drizzle of a day. With is has come the north winds and the high today of 62 was reached in the wee hours of the morning.... temperatures have been falling all day. In fact it is currently down to 55 degrees... so I am about to scrounge through my closet and pull out a light weight winter sweater to wear this evening. Brrr.... Not to worry though... it will be back up into the 80's by tomorrow, I'm sure.

So, since I missed Macroday's topic "blue" last week and since this has been a "blue" day... and, simply because I love blue flowers... this is my choice. When thinking about coneflowers, this shape is not what first comes to mind. Most cornflowers have the raised gumdrop center with more daisy like leaves. This one, while related is just a bit different. I have seen a variety with more purple in the center and fewer flowers.. they are all beautiful!

Macro Monday photos can be viewed here.

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