Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tulips: Perfect Love

Hanging on to spring tulips...I can never get enough.
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"God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars." ~ Martin Luther

Yesterday, while I was off to meet Beverly of Lacoochee Kid, my parents went to a wedding. Dad was the pastor at the church for several years and he has seen those he married together become parents and now their children are also marrying. It was a beautiful wedding that expressed all the joy and love and hope of the two young people for the future. That is what weddings are all about... I love you and trust you with my future. But what has this to do with tulips, you ask?

The flowers at the wedding were all tulips. The attendants carried bouquets of tulips in all colors. Small tin baskets of tulips hung from the end of each pew and arrangements of tulips adorned the candelabras. Mom didn't say what color the bridesmaids dresses were but just that it was beautiful.

A Turkish legend tells of a prince named Farhad, who loved a maiden named Shirin with intense passion and fidelity. When he learned that his beloved Shirin had been killed, he was so stricken with grief that he impulsively rode his horse over the edge of a cliff, thereby killing himself. It is told that a scarlet red tulip appeared from each drop of his blood, and thus its meaning, "perfect love." Of course the other colors have their own meanings with the yellow tulip reflecting simple joy and cheery thoughts, the white reflecting forgiveness and the purple, as always, reflecting royalty....all aspects that will be needed in a successful marriage.

As for me, I simply love their variety and simplicity and the quiet dignity of the gently waving globes on those thin stalks... if I ran the world, tulips would bloom year 'round.

These lovely tulips will do nicely for today's Mellow Yellow Monday.

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