Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tagged: Song Dedication Meme

I was tagged for the following meme by OutsideIn. Not sure that I know ten bloggers well enough yet to dedicate songs but will try my best.

Pick 5-10 bloggers, and dedicate a song to them. The people to whom you dedicate are considered "tagged" for the meme.
  1. Nystagamus: All Star by Smashmouth
  2. Sal: I Like To Eat Apples & Bananas by Raffi (for Bump)
  3. Poopie: Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page
  4. Kenju: Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  5. Hoss: Little Boxes by Pete Seeger (1962). You don'’t do memes but with the touch of sarcasm, these lyrics could have been written by you and then Pete Seeger would have to pay to sing it and you would have made your pile.
  6. Mickey'’s Musings: Who Let The Dogs Out? by Baha Men
  7. OutsideIn: Circle of Life by Elton John, from The Lion King
Wow! That was harder than writing a 50 page paper.

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