Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Morning Coffee : A True Tale

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"Pretty much all the honest truth telling there is in the world is done by children." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
Once upon a time.....
there was a little girl named Roxanne who loved to spend time with her Grandma at her house. Roxanne was about three and she often spent the night. One morning Grandma made her a big breakfast of eggs and bacon and they ate together. Grandma filled her coffee pot, one much like this and plugged it in. While her coffee perked, Grandma decided to quickly go upstairs and run her vacuum cleaner. Roxanne was a VERY good little girl and played quietly with her teddy bear and her coloring books at the kitchen table.

Grandma was finishing up one bedroom when she turned around to find Roxanne standing at the door. "Grandma, your coffee pot is jumping up and down," she said. Knowing how often she heard the Maxwell House perking coffee pot commercial, Grandma just nodded and smiled, "Yes, Roxanne, that is exactly what it is supposed to do. It's making the coffee." Roxanne left the room but soon came back and said, "Grandma, the coffee pot is still jumping up and down." "Yes, dear, it is supposed to do that, it just takes a little time to get done."

Roxanne went back downstairs as Grandma started vacuuming the second bedroom. In only a few minutes she was back. This time Roxanne ran to Grandma, tugged on her skirt and with wide eyes and an excited voice said, "Grandma, Grandma your coffee pot is jumping WAY UP and DOWN!!!"

She was so insistent and her voice so intense, Grandma took Roxanne by the hand and went
quickly downstairs and into the kitchen; only to find golden brown liquid running down the cabinets, dripping off the ceiling and pooling on the linoleum floor. A shooting fountain of coffee was spurting from the top of the coffee maker.... the coffee maker WITHOUT A LID!!! Grandma had a BIG mess to clean up! She had forgotten to put the lid on; and indeed her coffee pot was "JUMPING WAY UP AND DOWN!"

The moral of the story?
A child's descriptive words may not be completely accurate; but they usually DO reflect the gist of what's happening!

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