Friday, November 10, 2006

Walking Down The Paths Of History

A walk together down the paths of history.
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"The figures of the past go cloaked.
They walk in mist and rain and snow
And go, go slowly, but they go."
~ Wallace Stevens (1879-1955), U.S. poet. "Poesie Abrutie."
Every time I walk on the stone walkways of William and Mary surrounded by lush trees in spring or brilliant color in fall, I never fail to feel the deep history of this place. One can feel the presence of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who walked these same paths and saw many of these same trees go through their yearly cycle. Occasionally, when one of the workers from Colonial Williamsburg makes his way across campus dressed in period garb, it feels like I've stepped back into the early 1700's or it does until he checks out his book from Swem library with that computerized scanner.

Wednesday my brother and I drove up to see the girl. She loves her uncle and he loves her, even though he sometimes has a slightly gruff exterior. He has been so generous, providing a large majority of the money for her college education. They walked ahead as I snapped this, talking about the campus, classes, music, the new dorm, the legends of Tucker Hall; just basking in the short time they would have together this visit. He can tell she's happy here; it's a good fit for her. No one can believe she is a junior with only one year left! Time is flying by and soon she will join all those who have walked these paths; her history a part of theirs.

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