Saturday, December 02, 2006

December Lights


Christmas lights, color for December nights.
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"After Christmas, a good place to store your Christmas lights is in your heart." ~ Unknown
I've always loved to drive around at Christmas time and see the lights and decorations. The first Christmas Nyssa and I were on our own in Oklahoma, I was determined to put the lights on the house as usual. I used white lights and fresh green garland over the outside beams of the entryway and the effect was a fairyland, quiet and serene. It had been a horrible year and we needed a fairyland to escape to. Of course she was not yet two so her need was not as great as mine. Parts of a ham radio tower remained next to the house so getting on the roof was easy. I carefully attached the lights to the edge of the roof and one by one they lit the evening. As I prepared one tangled string, a little boy of seven or eight rode by on his bike and stopped right in front of the house. He watched for a bit, then yelled up at me... "Hey! Lady! Are you a MOM!?" I told him that yes, I was and he rode off. I supposed he never saw a mom climbing around on a roof before.

Through the years we have dressed our home inside and out with lights; clear, colored, mixed. Somehow, no matter what type of lights we have, it still brings me into that safe fairyland of serenity. Putting them up isn't fun; taking them down isn't fun either; but seeing them shine out against the night is priceless.

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