Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seven Random Things & A Tummy

Willow's tummy is up for this sleep session.
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"One must love a cat on its own terms." ~ Paul Gray
Wow! It is Tuesday and time for Cats on Tuesday and Tummy Tuesday; and to top it all off the cats have been tagged to do the "Seven Random Things" Meme. They are supposed to write it on their own blog but they really don't have one. With seven cats, we humans would NEVER get computer time and anyway... their spelling is atrocious! So I have chosen one, yes just one cat for this round and will share seven random things about her. Some of these may be secrets she didn't intend to share or things she thinks I am unaware of... but I have the "MOM" thing going on. By the way, we were tagged my Just Sharlene and meeyauw. Actually I think I have been tagged by meeyauw and the cats by Just Sharlene. OK. We are going to combine them.

First Lady Wilhelmina Abigail.... (cat)... seven things about Willow.
  1. We sometimes call her Willowbean, no reason in particular.
  2. She loves to sleep tummy side up but when she sleeps curled in a ball it is difficult to tell which end is which. (see picture above)
  3. She loves to watch things fall. When I moved the grandfather clock I found fifteen elastic hair bands, two plastic spiral toys, three ping pong balls, one sponge ball, two suede mice, and a red pipe cleaner under it. The clock had only one open area to push all these things into and it was against the wall. Willow would sit on the edge of the loft, push the items off, watch them fall, then run down and push them under the clock. I had wondered why she sat up there looking down so much!
  4. She can open the end table drawer with her paw to fish out pipe cleaners.
  5. She weighs almost 18 pounds.
  6. She has a brother, Nickolas, who lives with us too, but they never sleep together like most sibling cats.
  7. She likes to be rubbed at the base of her tail... most cats do not.
And now for my seven random things......

Willow often is lost in thought.... right! Posted by Picasa
What? You thought I would post a picture of myself? Psshaw! That would disrupt the internet matrix beyond repair... you'll just have to deal with these tidbits:
  1. In my 16 years of education... up to and including college... I attended seven different schools while living in six different houses in five states. This made for a great medical school application. I'm surprised they believed it! My dad was not in the military, but in the ministry.
  2. I was attacked by a billy goat when I was around two and it left a long scrape on my back, but the scar faded.
  3. I was able to avoid two piano recitals... one because I had the measles and the second because we moved one week before the program. Alas, I did not get out of the third.>
  4. I devised toothpick splints for a baby chick with deformed feet. It worked and he was able to walk. Mom gave him to one of her school children but the child's mother accidentally dropped an iron on it's head and the poor thing did not survive. So much for my delicate splint work and special care.
  5. For a year my parents traveled around the south in a revival ministry. We pulled and lived in an Air Stream trailer. I went to church every night. On the trip between churches Mom would entertain me by playing a game. She would tap out the rhythm of various hymns and I would guess. No music, just the beat. Today, I can still identify many of the old church hymns simply by hearing the rhythm tapped out.
  6. I graduated from high school and started college when I was seventeen.
  7. I graduated from college on a Monday and got married the next day. (Not one of my better decisions.)
Now I am suppose to tag seven people but I know this is a really busy time of year so I will make this voluntary. If you would like to offer up seven new and random things about yourself, just do it! Then leave a comment here so that everyone else can find them on your blog too!

As for Willow she will be off to Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina. Miss Chloe presents a grand tummy for Tummy Tuesday over at catstuff. (end of post)

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