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20 Years Ago Today - April 24, 1986

This is what I was doing 20 years ago today.
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"She discovered with great delight that one does not love one's children just because they are one's children but because of the friendship formed while raising them." ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Guess what I did twenty years ago today! Yes, she is there in that little bundle in my lap. We are quite a pair! Nyssa, just a few hours old and me, a few hours post C-section.

My child is smart, talented and good-hearted; many things come easily for her. "Birth" was not one of these things. After two days of induction with no results, my doc and I talked and decided not to do this any more. So after office hours an elective C-section was planned. I tried to tell everyone what to do. (docs always try to do this, it's the control freak in us) There were too many doctors in the delivery room: two OB, one anesthesiologist, one pediatrician, and me. Yes, one PhD (the dad). Too many nurses and additional docs looking in the window.

As her head appeared, I heard Dr. C say, "Cord around the neck times two" and immediately knew God had been taking care of Nyssa. If things had progressed during induction the c-section would have been an emergency rather than elective. As it was, she was screaming before her 7lb. 14 oz body was completely delivered. A round head full of medium brown hair and tightly closed fists, she was fully pink before even getting to the pediatrician. She had been warm, comfortably sleepy and suddenly disturbed; she was angry and let all of us know it.

It has been 20 years, but I remember all the details. I remember the brightly painted labor room with the poster of a cute puppy stuck in a bowl of spaghetti and the words "Some things are easier to get into than out of." No joke. I remember the little pink t-shirt that read "I'm a Deaconess Angel" and how relaxed she looked under the bili lights, like it was just another day at the beach. I remember how she slept by my hospital bed and how her eyes were wide open taking the world in minutes after being born. It must be a mother thing, taking every detail in, saving them to have when your child is grown. Adding to the memories every day, every milestone, birthdays, events, daily happenings. I remember looking into those deep blue eyes and feeling that grip around my finger and knowing immediately that I loved this strange creature more than my life.

Now, 20 years later, that feeling hasn't changed.
Happy Birthday Nyssa; my baby, my child, my lovely young lady, and now, my friend.

Sleeping baby Nyssa, just a few hours old. 4/24/1986

The Moody Monday topic is "mushy". I feel mushy. This qualifies.
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