Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Disheveled, But Relaxed

Furry Willow enjoying her favorite pastime.
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"The furry little buggers are just deep, deep wells you throw your emotions into." ~ Bruce Schimmel
Willow never does anything in a hurry. She waddles with a slow rolling gait from room to room in the house. She sits and stares at birds for forty-five minutes, only moving her head to follow the flitting birds or slowly swishing her tail. She has taken my dad's recliner for her personal daytime space and here, she has staked out the cat lounger in the sunroom for her nightly sleeping quarters. Unlike the Siamese, the Ragdolls have no compulsion to have every hair in place, every paw tucked in and the tail neatly wrapped. No, if Willow feels like sleeping, she flops. If she's tired of walking, she flops. If she is simply bored, she flops. Most of the time she looks a bit disheveled like she just stepped out of a wind tunnel.

Her fur feels like rabbit fur, soft and silky, with matting not as much of a problem as with Persians. She is about 18 pounds of fur and flesh and could kill the average Chihuahua if she sat on one. Her life is one continuous state of relaxation. If only I could relax this completely.

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Update: Wow! It's Friday already, time for Friday's Ark and then the WEEKEND! I don't know why she (mom) would think I was excited about it; I have no other plans except this, sleeping. Well, I will be hanging out at the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. This week it is being shown at The Scratching Post. I think I might be able to drag myself out of bed long enough to check it out.
~ Miss Willow.

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