Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Memories

Nyssa (Age 6) You're no bunny, 'til some bunny loves you.
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"Spring is come home with her world-wandering feet.
And all the things are made young with young desires."
~ Francis Thompson
Nyssa used to love to wear the smocked dresses. I smocked this one in a bunny motif. I worked all day and spent the early evening with her; reading, doing homework, piano practice, supper, bath and to bed by 8 PM. Then it was my time to play. Smocking really did relax me and seeing the final product done, piping made and the dress constructed was a great feeling. Nyssa's reaction was always the same, "Momma, it is the MOST BEAUTIFUL dress in the whole world!!" Who wouldn't eagerly sit down to fashion another one-of-a-kind design immediately.

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We did the Easter Bunny with paw prints and baskets and a bit of candy. Did I ever mention that I LOVE PEEPS? I know they are nothing but sugar and bad for body and teeth, but I can't help it. I LOVE PEEPS! Bunnies or chicks, doesn't matter. Nyssa always wants a hollow chocolate bunny. In Columbus, there is a gift shop that would put a plush animal and a few pieces of candy in a large clear balloon with brightly colored ribbon. The balloon would have to be popped to retrieve the loot. I was always amazed at how long it took Nyssa to finally break down and take on the balloon. Never being one to enjoy the loud POP from a pin prick, she would squeeze and pinch and try to hold her ears at the same time. Once she tried to get one of the cats to bite it, but they only wanted the ribbon.

Nyssa and her friend Lori loved the Easter Egg Hunt. Patty (Lori's mom) and I would take all our plastic eggs (sometimes it seemed like we had a hundred); fill them with a Hershey's Kiss or a few jelly beans and hide them in the back yard. Then it was an empty basket and away they went. Where are those eggs? Don't forget to look in the barbecue grill, or in the downspout or even in the woodpile! After the eggs were found and the candy removed, they always wanted to do it again. Sometimes the girls would hide the eggs and make their poor old moms do the hunting.

The smocked dress is now safely packed away for future little girls. The plastic eggs are hunted by other little children. Sweet memories of days now past. (But I still LOVE PEEPS and Nyssa still wants her "hollow chocolate bunny.")
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