Sunday, October 01, 2006

Colorful Crazy Lady

Joyce W. ~ Crazy, wonderful, funny lady.
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"Here's my advice: Go ahead and be wacky. Get into a crazy frame of mind and ask what's funny about what you're doing." ~ Roger Von Oech
The swinging doors open and here she comes; slightly stooped with shuffling steps, one hand on her hips that have that protruding shelf-like look. She always wears such wonderfully bright (and mismatched) skirts and blouses; at her advanced age her chest reflects the ravages of gravity. I don't know if she or the friend she brings with her have special "stage" names or not; I think of them as the "Sweet, Slightly Senile, Sisters" and they make us laugh, not at them but with them. They bring joy and laughter and hugs and.... sometimes candy. Little kids love them, old men want to hug them and everyone wants to take a picture.

In the real world, Joyce W. and her friend are wonderful women, dedicated to making others feel better. Over the years Joyce has played many characters... and I do mean "characters" in the full sense of the word. I've seen her walk into a hospital room as "Nancy Nurse" and with her humor, erase fears of impending surgery. She knows that laughter is the best medicine.

She really does carry off these crazy mixed up colors, doesn't she? We should all be blessed to be this "crazy".

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