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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

An outfit is not complete without a little cat hair!
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"Cats are just little hair factories." ~ James Davis, DVM
Willow (left) and her brother Nicky are gigantic blobs of hair plodding about the house. Unlike the Siamese, they aren't concerned with appearances; they don't feel that each hair must always be in place. In fact, much of the time they appear disheveled as if just coming out of a whirlwind. It seems to be too much effort to keep all that hair perfectly groomed anyway, so why not go for comfort?

Nyssa before and after the big haircut.
"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play in your hair." ~ Kahlil Gibran
Last summer, Nyssa's hair was as on the left. This past January it had been cropped to the length on the right. She sent her long ponytail to Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy for cancer or other blood disorders. This was the biggest change in her hair length in years. I've always envied her hair. She has that texture and body we all want and tried for years with body waves and spiral perms to get. When left completely alone to dry, her hair forms those lose ringlets, all on its own. And yet with just a bit of blow drying and flat iron action she can show up with straight as a stick looks. Absolutely, NOT FAIR! I can work mine with a hot air curling brush for thirty minutes, step out into the yard and in five minutes have little pieces curling up and I don't mean into those nice long curls.... mine turns into a frizz fest. Again, NOT FAIR!

Only a certain number of perfect heads exist.
God had to give the others hair.
"Bald as the bare mountain tops are bald, with a baldness full of grandeur." ~ Matthew Arnold
My cousin Ken has a receding hairline, several men in the family do. He is amazingly brilliant and excited about all sorts of different projects and hobbies. He is an engineer and has worked for Porsche and other car manufacturers. He has been renovating his home in Atlanta and taught himself carpentry, plumbing, and all the other skills needed. He refurbishes and rebuilds old and rare pianos; Stephen has him working on one right now. He is interested in all sorts of scientific fields and researches the history of Europe and the US, antiques and historical documents. And he loves cats. An amazing man!

Hair for all seasons; and you can keep it by your bed
.... or on the dining room table.
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"If wise men were hairs the world would need a wig." ~ Unknown
My mom has thinning hair... so do I, but just in one spot. As long as I can remember she has been adding hair pieces to give fullness and hide those thin areas. Many years ago now, she gave up trying to blend her own hair in with the "extensions" and started wearing wigs. Over the years touches of gray have been added to "keep things natural". On this occasion her friend had come over and styled all the wigs. They take their places of honor atop these styrofoam heads. You should see us go on a trip. A wooden platform with a protruding nail holds the styrofoam head with her "good" wig. On a trip to Chicago back in 2005, we didn't count on the 40 mph winds whipping through the streets next to the hotel in January and the head went flying... literally. Fortunately, someone caught both the head and the hair...

Not too long ago I was driving down a four lane parkway near here and saw one of these lightweight heads bouncing down the center line... no hair attached. All I could think was, "Oh! No! Someone's lost their head!" And the moral of this story is?

"Hare today, gone tomorrow"
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