Saturday, June 09, 2007

One Two, Buckle My Shoes

"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes-and ships-and sealing-wax-Of cabbages-and kings-And why the sea is boiling hot-And whether pigs have wings." ~ Lewis Carroll (1832 - 1898)

Shoes attract cats with the dangling buckles!
Usually, our cats simply ignore shoes, or sometimes sleep on top of them if they are fuzzy or use them for toy repositories. (see below) But then, our cats are so laid back , the true definition of "couch potatoes", that they appear almost comatose at times. Not so with this cat. Another of my cousin's crew of five, perhaps Chubby, he found the orthopedic sandal quite the plaything. I don't think he has seen anything quite like it before.

Colonial clodhopper. Williamsburg.
These were the shoes worn in Colonial times, leather and made by the cobbler in town. Today, Colonial Williamsburg keeps the trades from the past alive. At the cobbler's shop you can watch as he builds the sole of the shoe, cuts the leather, sizes the shoe and attaches all together. At Christmas, the town decorates in a similar manner as they would have then with wreathes made from dried flowers and fruit and many with touches of their trade; the tin worker with small cups, the bridle shop with bits and reins, the toy shop with cards and wooden blocks, and here, at the cobblers a shoe.

A diamond studded silver flip-flop.
I remember wearing flip-flops to the shower at camp and in college dorms, but they were usually white or green or yellow. The color palette of today was not available and the wide range of styles with thick soles or thin, prints, flower and rhinestone embellishments, were certainly not out there. Now, the flip-flop is a staple in the wardrobe of every teenager and many adult women as well. I dare say it is also worn by quite a few men although they probably have a much more macho name than "flip=flop". Nyssa wears them rain or shine, hot weather or snow... and she tends to inherit them from other girls. She has a pair of black flip-flops that are so thin and worn... the color has rubbed off onto the bottom of her feet, leaving them black. It will take much scrubbing to get it all off.

So, because of her love affair with the flip-flop, her grandmother got her one for Christmas. This is the sterling silver variety, encrusted with tiny diamond chips and guaranteed never to stain the bottoms of her feet black.

"Mr. Rhett! Get you head out of my shoe! Posted by Picasa
As I said earlier, our cats only care for shoes as sleeping mats or toy repositories. Here, Rhett has lost his purple ball... well, it was his own fault. He dropped it in the shoe and thought he could get it back quite easily but didn't count on it rolling down to the toe of the shoe. So his only recourse was to stick his head fully in the shoe to find his toy. He was eventually successful though a bit wobbly from the aroma!

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