Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ice Blue

Blue pansies. Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
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"A certain blue enters your soul." ~ Henri Matisse
It has been hot and humid and stifling for a few days, but these baby blue pansies have that cool look for a hot summer day. A front has come through with rain and now winds from the north, so cooler temps for a few days.

We are nine days to closing on the new house. The appraisal is in, the insurance set up in the works, the business end of the loan almost done, the homeowners association papers delivered, a survey ordered and funds being transferred. I still need to do another measurement for the refrigerator and decide on a couple of models to send for Stephen's approval and Nyssa will help me did through some discounts rugs and perhaps go to an estate sale in search of temporary floor coverings for the hardwood floors. Next week I will arrange for my stuff in storage to be set up for delivery. My stomach is still in knots, this seems so surreal.

My mom is still in the hospital on high powered antibiotics, her knee and leg seem less warm, less red and less swollen. She is bored and a little blue. We should know by tomorrow or Friday whether they will have to go back in. No positive cultures, only minimal fever... both good signs. She was scheduled to get out of the nursing rehab place the day we closed on the house, but that will be pushed back now. We just have to wait and see. One day at a time.

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