Monday, June 04, 2007

Not Your Average "Manic Monday"

"I don't know how they keep the choices down on "House Hunters"; I under stand why; I just don't know how they do it..... my head is spinning!" ~ srp

A dream of castles in brick and stone.
No this is not just another Monday or even another Manic Monday as the Bangles would sing. (I am dating myself here) Perhaps this would better be called Manic Monday Gone Wild. I have waded through fifty or more MLS sheets, done uncountable numbers of internet searches, walked through and examined over 25 houses personally and narrowed the search down to 9 top contenders in Chesapeake and probably 6 contenders in Virginia Beach.

Let there be light!
Some were easy.... no first floor master bedroom... immediately to the discard pile. Others are much harder. My brother has very specific wants.... five bedrooms (he may have to give on that), gourmet kitchen (and that too), lot large enough for a pool and hopefully a pool, adequate bedroom size for the others, a sunroom and/or screened in back porch.... the list goes on. I have done my very best and fallen in love with house after house... see, I am not a good one for this job! How did I ever pick a home all by myself from scratch in two days when moving to Mississippi? Oh, yes... I was 17 years younger and very naive.... that's how!

Yes, the Vikings discovered America! So did the Jenn-Aires.
So today I need to see three or four more houses in Virginia Beach and finish my spread sheet and packet. Did I tell you I was making a spreadsheet? No? Well, I am the spreadsheet queen so yes, I made one for each town. The houses listed and all the specifics of price, square footage, pros, cons and even a rating category, placed where they can be compared back to back. This in addition to individual house packets with the MLS sheets and any print outs of all the pictures I took when viewing it. Yes, I have Chesapeake completely organized, Virginia Beach is more up in the air.

Cool down for the summer. Salt water pools are all the rage! Posted by Picasa
But that is not all. Today, right now in fact, my brother is winging his way across the ocean to arrive, hopefully not that jet lagged. I don't know exactly when. Nyssa wants to tag along tomorrow so she will show up later today. I hope he is not too cranky tomorrow and I can help him keep them all straight.

In addition to all the house hunting whirlwind, my mom is having her other knee replacement... and should be going into surgery within the hour. So there is juggling of that and getting people to sit with her because I am sitting with my brother and it is really, really a mess. If I survive this week... I can survive anything! So forgive me for not being around the past few days and for not coming around the next few days.... this should even out by Friday!

Oh, yes! One last thing. If Stephen cannot find one house in all of these that he can live in and with...... then he is on his own with this house hunting business!!!!
"Dear Lord in Heaven, please watch over Mom in her surgery today and guide the surgeon's hands. Let her pain be as minimal as possible. Oh! And please.... don't let Stephen decide to build a house from scratch.... Thank you! ~ Roxanne."
PS: If only the above pictures were all contained and wrapped up into one house! Sigh!.

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