Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mr. Rhett Takes Center Stage

"The cat, like the genius, draws into itself as into a shell except in the atmosphere of congeniality, and this is the secret of its remarkable and elusive personality." ~ Ida M. Mellen, American writer

On a hot day, Mr. Rhett shows a little tummy.
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Mr. Rhett is feeling left out. His lady friend, Sophie appears to have forgotten him. His sister, Scarlett has recovered from her surgery and has gained three pounds while her fur coat has become silky and smooth and lighter in color. She is a picture of health. She also gets special food and attention and he tends to sulk. His grandma has been gone for two weeks having her knee replaced and his grandpa has spent a lot of time at the hospital and rehab center with her. His mom (that would be me) has been carrying on like a crazy woman with house hunts and taking care of other things around here. I would also be the one who gives more attention to Scarlett. And the girl Nyssa is off doing research for her Geology Honors Program and being a summer RA. No wonder he feels left out!

He asked if I would tell you some of his better attributes... besides the fact that the camera loves him... that is obvious! So...

Mr. Rhett has a strong profile.
Mr. Rhett is steadfast and strong as seen in his profile. He is ALWAYS there to greet you at the door with meows and head butts to let you know you are missed. He ALWAYS wants to make sure you are not cold and does this by snuggling up next to you in the recliner or by perching on your lap in bed or by curling up on your feet at the computer. Rhett is ALWAYS a bearer of gifts... sometimes he doest steal them from the drawers, especially socks, but he always leaves them near your feet. True he recycles presents, gives them over and over... especially the soft balls, but it is the thought that counts.

Mr. Rhett often has something to say.
Mr. Rhett is polite. He always speaks when spoken to and in a soft voice. He will, however, speak his mind more forcefully if he feel his point is extremely important and will punctuate his conversation with paw pats on the arm or leg or whatever body part he can stretch himself up to reach. This is most often associated with the opening of a can of stinky goodness. On occasion, he thinks he is a dog and lets loose with a low growl. He doesn't sing like Clover, but he does enjoy live piano music and sits with the performer, lending moral support!

A sensitive soul. Posted by Picasa
Mr. Rhett has a sensitive soul. He feels for the downtrodden and the picked on and will fling himself into the middle of an altercation at a moments notice. Unfortunately, this most often results in an escalation of hostilities but he does try to be a peacemaker. Rhett understands the hard times and knows loss as his mother died when he was only five weeks old. He comforts his humans in their times of pain and makes every girl and woman he meets feel like the "only woman in the world". Mr. Rhett really is as suave as his counterpart, Clark Gable. And yes, the camera loves him.

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