Sunday, June 17, 2007

Flummoxed Flowers

Confused Easter lilies bloom in June!
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"The simplest things give me ideas." ~ Joan Miro
My Easter lilies are blooming! Are they confused? Here it is almost officially summer and they have finally bloomed. These are the lilies we planted last Easter after they had bloomed in their florist pots. They multiplied; now where one plant was placed in the ground, four grow. They grew tall and green. But they didn't bloom at Easter! Perhaps this is their time, special, unforced by the conditions of a greenhouse.... so I just enjoy. Apparently, so does Max... I saw a bit of tell-tale orange pollen glow on his nose this morning. Bless his heart, he forgets they make him sneeze.

Mom had to be taken back to the hospital today for a scan of her leg. Swelling had gone down a bit but recurred and they are careful to screen for any deep vein thrombosis. I am not sure when we will hear a report, but hopefully this is a temporary problem.

Two weeks to closing on Stephen's house... well, our house. I have no clue as to how long it will take to move in, combine things and sell this house. Makes the head spin! Where will I put my pumpkins? I have a pile of papers from the homeowners association to wade through.... perhaps they have a ban on vegetable gardens. Actually there is an oval plot of ground in the middle of the cul-de-sac and I think it would make the most fantastic community garden space!!! Will take picture next time I am out there!

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