Saturday, April 16, 2005

Buster & Friends

At the top, Buster asleep with Stoney (picture by Michele S.) and above, Buster with his "baby".

Buster S. hereafter known as "Budder" is an elderly Boston terrier living in Mississippi with his "momma" Michele and her family. Budder is excessively overweight and twice as large as a normal BT. He knows he is human, just stuck in the body of a dog. This gives rise to many of his insecurities and unusual behavior.

Take his "baby", a soft doll toy that he sits and sucks on for hours. He has to know where it is at all times and will search without tiring if it is hidden or put in the wash. He gets as anxious for it to reappear as a kid does when his favorite blankie is washing. He loves cats. When Stoney came to live at his house (another story), Michele didn't know how Budder would take it. You can see above how he takes it...a new sleeping buddy. The cat attacks, Budder just accepts it...happy to have someone to play with.

Budder also calmly surrenders to McKenzie, his little girl, who dresses him up in doll clothes, tiaras, necklaces and then plays house. At those times he looks at Michele with a pleading face that says, "How embarrassing! Couldn't we send her to fashion school? Really, mixing a sequined jacket with this night gown is just not working for me."

The elderly gentleman can't run as fast as he used to and spends much of his time sleeping with his baby, but he can still clear a room when he "breaks wind." He's had a long and good life and although we think he might be a little touched in the head....he is much loved by his family.
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