Thursday, April 21, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging: Computing Cat

This is Miss Clover. Technically she belongs to my daughter, Nyssa, but in reality she "belongs" to no one. She allows us to feed her, water her and be in her presence. She was born in a litter of seven and was the darkest kitten from the beginning. She ignores you when called but when she wants attention she demands it, persistently. She is typically Siamese in temperament; does not warm up easily to strangers with whom she puts on her most "touch-me-not" look. She often gets up on the wrong side of the sleep bowl and complains bitterly if you pet her or pick her up. I tell her, "Me thinks thou doest protest too much", and she doesn't appreciate my tone at all. She is our feline opera singer (we have a human one in the family as well), but only in the bathroom or a dark closet and only if no one is watching. Then she will let out theses loud, mournful "wowwwwwwww's", over and over.

Clover loves to be hot, not warm mind you, really hot. In summer when the Mississippi temps would climb to the upper 90's and low 100's she would jump up on boxes in the garage, make a bed on a soft rug and sleep...all day....occasionally rising to stretch, look out the garage window and reposition herself in a tight ball. Often the garage was 10 degrees hotter than outside. In winter she stays inside, usually curled up with her sister Chloe asleep. She particularly loves to burrow under covers and sleep by your legs. (Bottom picture) We have been making up the bed several times and found a big "bump" at the bottom. This is especially great when another cat is outside the "bump" in the covers and the "bump" moves.

Most of the time she is prim and proper, every whisker in place, paws together, the tail tightly tucked in, the eyes partially closed but fully aware. She doesn't usually sit ON things, doesn't bother you when you are doing paper work or reading a book, but here she decided to enjoy the laptop. Probably because it was warm and there was a bouncing ball screen saver on. But you never know...she may be designing her own blog.

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