Thursday, May 26, 2005

Chloe: A "Proper" Siamese

Chloe is Clover's sister. She is the firstborn and the only one with the "cross-eyed" look. She is now almost 12 years old and still has to make sure that all her whiskers are impeccably groomed, her tail tucked in and her front feet together when she sits. She is generally friendly and sleeps most days away with her sister. Occasionally the gets a wild hare and runs through the house or walks up to another unsuspecting cat and hits them. It is a Jekyll and Hyde thing. Her only other quirk is that she likes to eat by herself, in the bathroom, with the door shut. Only then will she let herself go. But she only calls to come out after she has completely cleaned her face and paws after the meal.

About four years ago she began loosing weight, she couldn't keep food or water down. So a trip to the vet school at Mississippi State, ultrasound of her abdomen and an upper gi scope with stomach biopsy revealed feline inflammatory bowel disease. Unfortunately she couldn't keep the steroid pills down, so our vet gave her a shot of steroids saying it might work for up to eight weeks. That was four years ago and she still seems to be in remission, now eats well, gained back her weight and retains her prim and proper ways. This is her pose. She sees a camera, she wants to pose. Everything nice and neat.

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