Thursday, May 12, 2005


Clover (left) and Chloe (right) are littermates, sisters. Chloe is the eldest and most crosseyed and Clover is the darkest. They sleep together most of the day; side by side, back to back and in the strange "heart" shape posted for Mother's Day. Their mother was Susie and sisters include Savannah and Puddin. I believe they had one brother but don't know where he ended up. Clover is more vocal. Chloe is more mild mannered and loves to cuddle and purr. Clover likes to be covered up and in boxes while Chloe doesn't like closets or any other enclosures.

They occasionally have spats like all siblings, but these are quickly resolved and they resume their positions, curled up side by side, paws draped over each other, heads nestled together. They clean each others head, neck, chins, and ears. Their vet says they have the cleanest ears he's seen in two cats. They must do a good job, I certainly haven't ever attempted to clean their ears.

I don't know why they get along so well, perhaps it is because they grew up together. Maybe they had to get along to survive the invasion of the other cats. Most of the time they really are "two peas in a pod."

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