Saturday, May 07, 2005

My New House

Hello! My name is Max. I am a rescue dog. This is my new house. My grandpa built it when I moved to Virginia. My old house in Mississippi was a bit bigger and had an air conditioner, not for me but for the dogs that used to live there. It had two dog doors and it took me a long time to not be scared to use the flap. It was too heavy to move here so I got a brand new one. This house is insulated. It has a linoleum floor and a covered porch so I can eat or rest and not get wet in the rain. I also have a fan in the back to pull air through in the summer and a light to keep me warm in the winter. My new mom even put a digital thermometer inside so they can tell if I am too cold or hot. As you can tell, I love my house. I also have a lot of toys and "chewbies", see I have one right now. Right now I need a haircut. My mom said she would put a "before" and "after" here when I get groomed. That is sooooo embarrassing. When I get my hair cut I look like a small fat lab instead of a cocker mix and I usually hide in my house for several days because I feel naked. You'll see.
Bye for now.

P.S. My story is going to be at Carnival of the Dogs along with stories about other nice dogs. I wish I could play with the other dogs I see there sometime.
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