Thursday, May 19, 2005

Friday Cat Blogging: Maggie

This is Maggie or if you use her official "title"; this is Her Royal Highness Magnolia Blossom of Brevard. She also goes by Maggot or Baby. She is, like Willow, a blue mitted Ragdoll and is an older cousin of our two. Maggie belongs to my parents. She used to be an only cat, but then this rowdy group of hooligans came and took over her domain, her sun room, her sleeping lounger and the laps and affections of her parents. She is angry. She is mad. She fusses, hisses and generally is disagreeable about it all. She even looks mad, all the time!

She resembles Willow in her coloring, although her face has more of the Persian look to it, with a smushed in nose and chubby cheeks like a chipmunk. In size they are quite similar. Not in temperament. While Willow is most independent and tends to rule everyone else, Maggie is very whiney and dependent on my dad. She doesn't want to go through the cat door, she wants him to open it for her. If her food bowl has an indentation in the middle of the food, she will go find him and talk until he follows her, picks up the food and shakes the food flat in the bowl. This routine also occurs if Willow has done her pipe cleaner in the water and food trick. This doesn't affect our other cats, but Maggie gets hysterical and won't eat until her dad removes the offending item.

My other Ragdoll, Nicky, has a crush on her. He follows her around the house like a puppy. If she is on the bed, he hops up there. He wants to be friends and snuggle, but she hisses, spits and slaps him before running away. They are making progress but not much. They have both been sleeping on the opposite ends and with a pillow in between.

Most of the time Maggie hides during the day or sleeps in a chair in the living room. She only comes out after the other cats have gone "shoo-shoo" to their cushion beds in the sun room. Then she again has her castle to herself, for a time. Unfortunately, her walnut sized brain has not been able to grasp that said cats will return to her domain in the morning. So, every night she is comforted and relieved that they are gone and every morning she has another nervous breakdown when they return.

In this picture she was taking her turn under the Christmas tree. She loved to hide there, on the felt tree skirt and look up at the dangling ornaments and twinkling lights. Knowing cats the way we do, we only put the "unbreakable" ornaments near the base of the tree, giving all cats the pleasure of knocking them off.

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