Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Look Ma, No Hair!"

Hello, Max here. I knew they were up to something when they took away my water and let me stay in a carrier inside for the night. Sure enough, bright and early yesterday morning, my mom took me in the van (I did get to sit in the front seat) to the vet. I took my new football but she made me leave it in the car. She said I made too much noise with all my woo-woo-wooing, but I just get beside myself when I go in the car. There were lots of doggie smells outside the vet shop and I wanted to smell them all but she had to go on to the dentist. I had my teeth cleaned last year so I don't have to do the dentist thing. This was it, this was the place. I don't like it here. I growl at the people with the scrub suits on and I am hysterical, a little bit that is. I did meet a new friend and we sniffed noses.

My mom told them that I needed my shots and check-up too but they already knew that. Then they took me and gave me some medicine to put me to sleep and I got sleepy and my eyes got heavier and heavier until......yawwwwn.......I just couldn't keep them open and I started dreaming about a big steak.

They are so sneaky with those shot things. I don't know how long I was asleep, but when I finally started waking up and looked at my feet......I was in shock! I'm naked!!!! I have no hair!!!! My mohawk is gone, my furry paws are shaved bare, I can see my clipped nails, and my tail....everything is shaved. They also took blood to check for heart worms and gave me shots. Not only did I get shaved but they gave me a bath....all while I was asleep!! Mom says it is easier for them ( so I won't bite) and for me. She says, "Max, if you are asleep you won't be scared." I guess she is right but I am sooooooo naked, it is embarrassing. And we had to do it when there was a Nor'easter and the high temp in Virginia Beach was 56. My dog house is warm and cozy so it'll be ok.

I know with the hot weather I will feel much better this way, but now I look like a lab mix instead of a cocker mix and I will be hiding out for the rest of the week in my dog house. I just hope those stupid dogs next door don't laugh at me.
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