Friday, July 28, 2006

Tanya: Queen of the Cat Tree

Tanya in her cat tree tunnel.
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"There are no ordinary cats." ~ Colette
The ever elusive Tanya, sits in her kitty tree and looks down on her subjects. Sometimes she glares from the very top crows nest and other times from her tunnel half way down. She is the same age as her apartment mate, Tucker, but still hears well; she just lets it go, tunes us out. In younger days, Tanya has been known to hide in a box springs when faced with traveling cross country and hasn't always gotten along with Tucker. Usually everyone gives her space; well, everyone except Alec; when he came into her life, she hissed and he picked her up anyway. Alec forced her to share her space with him and now, she is his baby. Her one weakness is the hairbrush; tap on it and (if she is in the mood) she will come and sit on the couch, waiting to be brushed. Hold the brush under her neck and she rubs her chin all over the bristles; if you're lucky she'll purr or start in with the little kitty headbutts. Princess Tanya, ruler of all she surveys, subservient to none; waits patiently for Diane and Alec (her mom and dad) to come home from Germany, maybe with a surprise? Treats? Hint. Hint.

Tanya and Tucker will visit Friday's Ark this week as well as the Carnival of the Cats, hosted this week by The Scratching Post. This is their first visit. See you there.

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