Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free Floating

Water lily pad catching the rain. Norfolk Botanical Garden
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"A life all turbulence and noise may seem
To him that leads it wise and to be praised,
But wisdom is a pearl with most success
Sought in still waters."
~ William Cowper, The Task

I have been saving this picture for the right moment and now the moment is here. The botanical garden here has a beautiful oriental garden section with rounded boulders and rock gardens, many flaming Japanese maple trees, bonsai, oriental evergreens and a beautiful koi pool with small flowing waterfall. Across the pool are strategically placed stepping stones that visitors may walk on, single file, although there is a path around the pool for any who have balance issues. On one visit in early spring I stood looking into this pool. The leaves on many of the trees had not yet emerged from their winter's rest and the lush green grasses that return each spring were absent. But here in the dark pool of water, floated a single leaf of the water lily, looking a bit anemic without its summer blush of green chlorophyll... but floating none the less. It had been raining as it does here in spring, and the lily "pad" collected the raindrops, consolidating many into few and now, almost reaching the tipping point where the weight of the water breaks the resistance of the leaf and the pooled drops roll back into the pond. Then the sun broke through the clouds and the water sparkled like diamonds. It was then when I saw the small details of the lily leaf... there.. under the magnifying glass of the water droplets... clear and beautiful. Forgetting that I was on a narrow walk of stones I pointed my camera straight down and clicked.

On a cool wet day, this moment brought warmth and smiles and a general feeling of well-being and gratitude. All we needed was a little green frog.

Watery Wednesday entries are up and this is mine for the week.

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