Monday, June 08, 2009

A Health To The Crimson Columbine

A touch of crimson...ready to explode in bloom!
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"Skirting the rocks at the forest edge
With a running flame from ledge to ledge,
Or swaying deeper in shadowy glooms,
A smoldering fire in her dusky blooms;
Bronzed and molded by wind and sun,
Maddening, gladdening every one
With a gypsy beauty full and fine,--
A health to the crimson columbine!"
~ Elaine Goodale, Columbine

I have been busy... with a construction project... a big construction project. Getting up early to be ready for the construction... they get here sometimes before 7 AM. So, to relax I go back and look at my pictures of birds and flowers and all things of nature that calm and refresh. When I look at this columbine, ready to open and show that beautifully shaped blossom... so delicate... it calms me down. This columbine grows at my cousin's house in Indiana, but a friend gave me three divided columbine plants from her garden.. now they grow here in partial sun and next spring, perhaps there will be many of these blooms in my flowerbed. The best surprise will be seeing what color they turn out to be.

I chose this delicate bloom with just a touch of crimson for Ruby Tuesday this week. Visit Work of the Poet to see other splashes of red and fire up your Tuesday!

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