Friday, June 05, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Through The Roof

A cloudy sky through open rafters...June 4th
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"Wafted up,
The stealing cloud with soft grey blinds the sky
And in its vapory mantle onward steps
The summer shower."
~ Alfred Billings Street

There is a story behind this picture.. actually, it is an evolving saga of trauma and turmoil, excitement and fear, dump trucks, cement trucks, men in baggy shorts with tool belts and nail guns, footers and headers, and a plethora of mud and goop... but I really don't have time or space to go into it all right now. Let's just say that this was the view out one of our back doors yesterday morning... before the storms rolled in and the skies opened, dumping buckets of rain and ending work for the day. Today, the rain and wind held off until they were finished... and now this view is totally framed in and gone.

This is my first SkyWatch Friday entry and I am late... but I had other duties today... relating to this view...if you must know! Sigh... I need to go to bed with a good book.

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