Friday, June 23, 2006

The Cat Rules of Modeling

Chloe knows how to strike a pose.
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"Cats never strike a pose that isn't photogenic." ~ Lillian Jackson Braun
Miss Chloe loves to lounge in the sun on her cat tree perch. She knows how to be a great model and knows the rules of good sunbathing health as well. Rule #1: Always start on your back in a relaxed state. Pretend to ignore the camera, avoid looking straight into the lens. Avoid looking too trashy!

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Rule #2: Change poses often. A photographer doesn't like a "statue" that never moves; but move slowly to avoid becoming a blur on film. If you manage to scratch that itch at the base of your tail in the process, so much the better. Try not to look like a hussy while doing this.

Rule #3: Make sure you strike at least one pose with eyes half closed, preferably with graceful positioning of the feet. In this setting, make sure to look straight towards the camera while still keeping that nonchalant air about you. This pose should be the most demure.

Rule #4: While in this position and while keeping all legs in a restful, relaxed and modest position; slowly open your eyes and stare straight into the lens. Make eye contact with the photographer using a technique that looks deep into their soul and stirs the emotions. Don't overdo it.

Rule #5: Finally, tilt your head back, placing one paw under the chin and slowly close eyes tightly. Of course, make sure you are making the best use of sunlight and shade to enhance the look. Remain in this pose to indicate that the session is over. Keep your eyes shut long enough and she WILL go away.

And how do these rules keep a kitty healthy? One should never be exposed to the sun on one side for too long, it ages the skin and fur. Even a cat tries to avoid tan lines.

Miss Chloe should be awake in time to board the Friday's Ark today and will visit the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. This week the Carnival is hosted by Pets Garden Blog. See you there.

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