Friday, June 30, 2006

Happiness Is .......

Max and his basketball. (It is hard to get a picture of him without it.)
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"Happiness is a warm puppy." ~ Charles Schulz
Max has made a list of the things that make him happy. He asked me to post it so here goes.

Happiness Is ......
  1. Not being lost anymore.
  2. Having a dry house so sleep in when it rains instead of trying to stay dry under a bush.
  3. Getting fed EVERY day instead of digging in garbage cans and begging.
  4. Treats before bedtime and anytime I want.
  5. Sleeping with my kitty friends when I'm scared.
  6. Running in my back yard and going for walks.
  7. Sitting in my mom's lap and knowing she won't hit me.
  8. My basketball and all my toys, but mostly my basketball.
  9. Ripe figs.
  10. Sleeping in my hammock with a fuzzy rug.
  11. Teasing my family with my ball.
  12. Having Christmas lights on my dog house.
  13. Being clean and safe and off the streets.
  14. Talking to my puppy friends next door.
  15. Not having so many nightmares.
  16. Having the tumors in my skin go away, at least for now.
  17. Seeing my mom smile when the vet says the chemo is working.
  18. Riding in the car to the vet.
  19. Getting the treat at the vet.
  20. Being such a lucky dog to be found by my people.
  21. Finally being HOME!
~ by Max.

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