Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Quilted Squares

Cathedral Windows quilt made by Josie Sink.
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"I'm glad I never threw them away;
My scraps of yore are my quilts today."
~ Sandra L. O'Brien, Great American Quilts, 1988
This quilt was handsewn by my Great Aunt Josie Perdue Sink. She is 90 years young and is the last of her siblings living. She is quite the creative artisan and until a couple of years ago taught dollmaking to girls and teens. This is the Cathedral Windows pattern and is completely hand stitched. Her sister Zula, my grandmother, made several of these quilts for us using squares of material with great sentimental value. Nyssa's is formed from extra material from the dresses I made her. Mine contains squares from dresses I made for myself during college. These squares are all made by hand and pieced by hand and required hours of loving work. Josie and Zula, sisters, talented quilters and part of my heritage.

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