Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sitting Ducks

Local inhabitants, Mt. Trashmore, Virginia Beach.
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"Four ducks on a pond,
A grass-bank beyond,
A blue sky of spring,
White clouds on the wing:
What a little thing
To remember for years -
To remember with tears!"
~William Allingham (Irish Poet. 1824-1889)
The ducks and geese love the large pond at Mt. Trashmore. The city has put a flexible fence in the water at the ponds edge with planted reeds and water grass. The birds use this area for nesting in the spring. The pond is surrounded by a running path and the "hill" that is Mt. Trashmore shields it from the interstate highway. When Nyssa was little she begged to go feed the ducks when we visited. Dad would have several bags of old bread already toasted and waiting. As they stepped out of the car with that bread, the ducks and geese would surround them. Seagulls magically appeared. Beautiful birds. Great memories.

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