Friday, May 11, 2007

Amber Eyes

Tanya flashes a look with her amber eyes.
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"Her amiable amber eyes
Are very friendly, very wise;
Like Buddha, grave and fat,
She sits, regardless of applause,
And thinking, as she kneads her paws,
What fun to be a cat!"
~ Christopher Morley
All of my cats have blue eyes and all my previous cats had blue eyes. I was looking in my files for a cat with amber eyes. Tucker had green eyes but his companion of many years, Tanya, has big amber yellow eyes that glow from her black as midnight face. It is difficult to photograph a black cat, usually distinct facial shapes and features simply blend in together with the end result, a blob of black. Only when their eyes are open can you glimpse not only the curve of their whiskers or the triangular nose from the light reflected in their eyes, but also the fire that burns inside. Tanya really wanted me to leave her alone; she was resting and you know how cats dislike being disturbed from a nap! She was a bit annoyed; but well versed in the shortcomings of humans, she simply glared a bit and returned to her dreams.

PS: Tanya lives with Diane and Alec and I've heard that Tanya is not feeling well. She is getting on up there in age and as such, has good days and bad days... here's hoping that this will be a very, very good day.

Submission for PhotoFriday topic "amber".
Tanya will be boarding Friday's Ark at the Modulator today and will visit the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. (end of post)

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