Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost Treasure

Lifeless goose egg on the shore of Mt. Trashmore.
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"By an image we hold on to our lost treasures, but it is the wrenching loss that forms the image, composes, binds the bouquet" ~ Sidonie Gabrielle
It happens every year, at least once... a robin's egg falls from the nest, the chick lost and the egg's contents devoured by beetles and ants. It is a fact of life, there is loss. Birds so treasure their eggs, carefully covering them with their bodies, keeping the tiny life inside warm and safe. But sometimes all the effort and nest building and warming will not help; the winds come, the storms blow, the temperatures plummet and all is lost. How does the goose know her chick is gone, will never hatch? How long did she sit on this treasure before she considered it lost and abandoned it on the shore? Perhaps she knew early on and rolled it out of the nest to this place, away from the life still growing in others. Here it sits, a perfectly formed egg with no cracks, no scavenging insects and yet, still lifeless... a lost treasure waiting to found and preserved, if only on film.

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