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No! We Are Not Twins!!!

"Time, we know, is relative. You can travel light years through the stars and back, and if you do it at the speed of light then, when you return, you may have aged mere seconds while your twin brother or sister will have aged twenty, thirty, forty or however many years it is, depending on how far you traveled. This will come to you as a profound shock, particularly if you didn't know you had a twin brother or sister." ~ Douglas Noel Adams (1952 - 2001), English humorist & science fiction writer

Miss Willow sets the record straight, and shows a little tummy in the process.
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(Miss Willow will be writing the post for Cats on Tuesday and Tummy Tuesday today. Take it away, Willow!)

Hello, my name is Lady Wilhelmina Abigail of Brevard, but you may call me Lady Willow or Miss Willow. I am a Southern Belle after all. I am a pure bred Ragdoll cat, designated a "blue mitted color point". Now, it seems that many are confusing me with that other female blue mitted color point Ragdoll cat that lives here too. My mom wrote about her last week and her name is Magnolia Blossom... or Maggie. The grandpa here (her dad) calls her "Maggot" sometimes and she certainly deserves it. She is mean and mad and she is no relation to me or at least, only a distant cousin. Yes, she was born in Brevard, North Carolina just as I was; but we have different cat mothers and fathers and different human mothers as well. I am also two years younger than Maggie is.

How could anyone mistake her for me? We are not twins!!! Just look! My face has a delicate pointed nose and slender cheeks. See? Just look at my profile! (above)

Miss Willow a lounging diva!
And here is my head on face shot. Does this face look angry or mad? Perhaps a little distressed but not angry! Maggie looks angry, even when she isn't; but I personally think she is angry all the time. She is jealous that her mom and dad love us too and that we eat out of her bowls and sleep in her favorite places during the day. Maggie doesn't like to share. She is spoiled rotten. Her dad has to open the back door for her and she cries until he stands there to watch her eat! Hmpf! Spoiled! OK, so I try to get someone to open the door too, but that is because I am so big, my sides always scrape the cat door sides and I am afraid that one of these days, I will get stuck and not be able to get through. That would be a totally unacceptable situation; why, I would simply faint and fall out if that happened! Horrors.

Anyway, I had my mom prepare a collage (see below) with pictures of both Maggie and myself. This way you can inspect them and see that we are NOT twins or even sisters and that I have the more delicate, dainty and intelligent face. I mean, what kind of a name is Magnolia Blossom.... it is a tree... it doesn't even bloom until May and the leaves are pointy and stick the paw! All she ever did when she came to our house in Mississippi was hide under the bed or complain when I put that red pipe cleaner in her food bowl! She is so neurotic!

(Top left:) Maggie front view, (Top right:) Willow front view,
(Bottom left:) Maggie side and front view, (Bottom right:) Willow side profile
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See, I have the pretty little white star in the middle of my forehead and Maggie doesn't. I don't look mad and Maggie does. And Maggie has that smashed in look to her face like the Persian cat does and those seriously chubby chipmunk cheeks! Mine are sleek and slender and no one would every be able to accuse me of hiding extra kibble in my mouth! There it is! The head-to-head comparison..... and the final determination? There is no way that we should ever be confused as twins... NEVER!

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Miss Willow is marching straight on over to Cats on Tuesday, hosted by gattina. She will also be stating her case and showing her tummy at Tummy Tuesday over at catstuff.
Willow wants to drag her (evil) twin Maggie over to Friday's Ark at the Modulator and then she would like Maggie to win a big stuffed bird over at the Carnival of the Cats on Sunday. The carnival is hosted this week by When Cats Attack. (That really sounds scary!)
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