Sunday, May 13, 2007

Strangers: Something Fishy Going On

I have no idea who this fellow is.... nor the fish!
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"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.
It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. " ~ Unknown
A cool breezy day at Mt. Trashmore park, the geese honking in chorus, seagulls fighting over food and the ducks.... swimming and just being ducks. There is a dog barking and next to the dock a man is fishing. I've never seen anyone fishing here before.... feeding the gulls, running, walking dogs, skating, flying kites, racing model boats... all these things, yes, but fishing... never. I thought, "Now, this guy won't have much luck with that noisy dog and the noisy geese and that loud carousel set up." And yet, right before we left for the day, I saw him with pole bending... rolling in the line as fast as he could; his already overly excited dog was beside himself bouncing back and forth and barking even louder. This was the result of his efforts... a fish. Since I have only fished on the side of my grandfather's pond or the catfish ponds down in Pungo, I only recognize catfish. So both the man and the fish are strangers. Just as I snapped this photo, trying hard to be discrete, he saw me and grinning, posed for a second shot!

The luckiest creature of the day was the fish... he had his picture taken for the world to see and regained his freedom in the lake a moment later!

Submission for Shutterday topic "strangers, not necessarily in the night".
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