Monday, May 21, 2007

Fairest Picture On Our Planet

Il Duomo. Florence, Italy.
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"This is the fairest picture on our planet, the most enchanting to look upon, the most satisfying to the eye and spirit. To see the sun sink down, drowned in his pink and purple and golden floods, and overwhelm Florence with tides of color that make all the sharp lines dim and faint and turn the solid city to a city of dreams, is a sight to stir the coldest nature, and make a sympathetic one drunk with ecstasy." ~ Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
In 2003, my brother sang the title role in Verdi's opera, Othello. The festival was held in the beautiful Italian city, Florence and Nyssa and I were able to go over for two weeks. The art and architecture is amazing, no other area has so rich a history. The cathedral was massive with marble in colors I had never imagined and as you can see it towers over the surrounding landscape.

And the food.... a small family run restaurant with hand written menus was located near my brother's apartment. It opens at different times on different days, more or less near a scheduled time... no one seems to keep a rigid schedule in Florence, or other parts of Italy for that matter. Trains that run with to the minute precision in Austria; well, let's just say they "try" to be on time but few make it. Who cares though? If the train is late it means more time to get a gelato.... yum!

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