Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Colonial Christmas: Other Wreaths

Other beautiful wreaths. (Click on the pictures to see a larger view) Posted by Picasa
"And so we come again to Christmas, with all its color and joy, its magic and wonder, its spirit of goodwill and warmth." ~ Esther Baldwin York
This wreath could very well have fit into the "flower" category. I chose to include it here with some of the more unusual wreaths. (actually they are all unusual in my book) This wreath is made up of all flowers and no greenery. I'm sure Judy can tell us what many of the flowers are in the close-up photo below. She let me know that the long ivory pipes are called "Churchwardens". The mixture of vibrant red, golden yellow, bright blue, ivory and various shades of purple and lavender are stunning. I do believe there may be two types of yellow flowers, one being goldenrod. It is very easy to come-by in this area, so I didn't get too close. It wreaks havoc with my sinuses.

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I really liked the wreath above. It is asymmetrical in an off balanced way. The green pine wreath is dressed with pine cones, seed pods ( I know there is a better name for these round pods), more goldenrod and clusters of dried red chili peppers. Two special touches are the cotton balls straight from the field and the spray of pheasant feathers. This wreath would also make me sneeze, but it is gorgeous.

The last wreath in this group adorns the window of the "tack and bridle" shop; no not "bridal" but "bridle". See the metal bridle and bit hardware and the long leather reins woven in with the greenery and hanging down from the wreath? Small clumps of straw are bound together and attached between large red and small red and yellow variegated apples. Bright red berries finish off this unusual creation. What better wreath to hang on this shop, filled with all the snacks a horse could love? I bet this fellow would love one of those juicy apples right now!

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