Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Have Questions? Will Answer.

This moose has no name but you may click him to see a larger view. Posted by Picasa
"We fish you a Merry Christ-moose,
We fish you a Merry Christ-moose,
We fish you a Merry Christ-moose,
And a Hippo New Year!"
~ Sandra Boynton
I have received several questions in comments the past several days and instead of trying to answer with a comment on each post I thought I would just post it here. I have done the former and felt strange (Okay, stranger than usual) when it was completely off the topic. So here goes!

Kenju (Judy) asked: "Who is Margaret?" Margaret is Nyssa's best friend from her last two years in high school at Mississippi School for Math and Science. She graduated a year ahead of Nyssa and started at The University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee. Nyssa attended that university for her freshman year but has now transferred to the College of William and Mary where she is as happy as a frog on a lily pad. Margaret visited us this summer and I posted about our blueberry picking. Her nickname is Blount, actually it's her middle name, a Southern family name. Margaret , her sister and her divorced parents all lived in Pass Christian, Mississippi; the parents homes were across the street from each other and only a block from the ocean drive. Both were lost during Katrina but the family was safe as were the two dogs. Right now they are all starting over, and Margaret hopes to return to school next semester.

Vicki asked: (Click read more)"When does Nyssa come home for the break?" Well, she was here this past weekend to finish up her fourth paper, the big one worth 50% of her semester grade in (and I will get this wrong) Medieval and renaissance Literature. She worked all weekend and got back to school Sunday night. Paper was turned in before 9AM Monday morning. This week they have a couple of free study days and the first set of finals. Hers is on Friday. Then Saturday the traditional Yule Log ceremony is held. A large log is hauled into the courtyard of the Wren Building. Students rub a piece of holly on the log for good luck and the log is set ablaze. They then throw their holly sprig into the fire to "toss away the stress in the Great Hall fire." There is caroling and music from the different music groups on campus, including the honored Gentlemen of the College. One of the deans of the college reads the William and Mary version of The Night Before Christmas. The finale is the appearance of Santa Claus, College President Gene R. Nichol in full costume, who reads How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Sunday and Monday are additional study days and the second round of exams follows. Nyssa has two exams this last week. She should be home by Thursday the 15th, depending on how long it will take her to straighten her room and check out after the exam. She has made plans to work at the Forbes candy company factory from the 16th to the 22nd.

Vicki also asked earlier: "What can Stephen do with lima beans?" I imagine he could figure out a way to steam fresh ones. My dad makes succotash with lima beans and corn. I looked up an actual recipe and it also includes tomatoes but he doesn't usually put them in. Sometimes his succotash has these ingredients plus cooked mushrooms, yellow squash and occasionally zucchini. I am a garbage can. I will eat anything. Stephen still complains that they cook things too long but they are getting better. By the way, he will be here on the 21st. Nyssa is looking forward to it; meals are much more exciting and unpredictable when he is here.

Anonymous asked: "What are you reading?" (Not really but this has been putting me to sleep everytime I pick it up) "Comparison of Relative Value of Bone Marrow Aspirates and Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsies in the Diagnosis of Solid Tumor Metastasis and Hodgkin Lymphoma: Institutional Experience and Literature Review" in Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. This article is going to put me into an institution if it doesn't end. Avoid articles with "Literature Review" in the title; they are always too long with references to articles that reflect the opposite ends of the spectrum so that no consensus is ever reached. Also avoid them if the title is longer than one line. This may be one where most of the useful information is in the synopsis at the beginning.

Nyssa asks: "Is your life really as dull as your posts?" Well, yes. I think the "senior moments" that abound here are rubbing off. I sometimes forget which day of the week it is and I can fall asleep in a chair in the den along with everyone else. We did have excitement last night. Sirens started wailing louder and louder and then Mom was telling Dad to go outside and see what was going on. She could see bright flashing red lights. There were five long hook and ladder fire engines with all lights flashing lined up in the street that fronts the house. Something was going on three doors down on our side. I didn't see flame, or smoke that I could discern or any water being pumped. Three of the engines left and two stayed for about an hour. Maybe I will walk down there with Max and see later today. I have pictures to download later.

Everyone should ask: "What does a moose have to do with this post?" Absolutely nothing!!! I just thought he was cute. He resides on the same flannel sheets as the snowman.
"Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible exception of a moose singing "Embraceable You" in spats." ~ Woody Allen
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