Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The Gulf at Pass Christian, Mississippi. Fall 2004. (pic by Nyssa)
"For a double grief came upon them, and a groaning for the remembrance of things past" ~ Solomon ben Judah
The Weather Channel told us that Pass Christian would take the full force of Katrina's eye and that the storm surge water would be at its highest here. With the pictures from Gulfport and Biloxi, we can only imagine. There have been no reports from Pass Christian on the news channels, no reports on the internet or in regional papers. At an elevation of only ten feet above sea level and with the Gulf in front of them and a bay behind them, one can only imagine that much of the town is completely destroyed. This picture shows the normal lake-like appearance of the Gulf, still and calm. A landscape that is now gone, present only in our memories. We hope and pray that all the residents here had the forethought to leave.

Possessions are nothing; life is everything. (end of post)

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