Thursday, August 04, 2005

When Good Cats Go Bad!!

Miss Scarlett at the scene of the crime. Posted by Picasa
There are many secrets to getting out of trouble when you have done something bad. Look indignant. Purr sweetly. Pretend to be injured. Blame the dog, or a fellow cat. Run like crazy.
~ Oliver B.
Miss Scarlett timidly peeks out from behind the toilet. In the background, evidence of the crime; the shredded toilet paper still hangs from the roll with small chewed bits littering the floor, obviously a crime of passion and rage. The culprit, either Miss Scarlett or her brother Mr. Rhett. Only these two have been caught in this destructive act before. How will they escape? Miss Scarlett goes with the "pretend to be injured" and "blame the brother" tact. And Mr. Rhett?

He's going to opt for the "look indignant", "I can't believe you would suspect me!" pose.

You can see pictures and read stories about other mischievous cats at Friday's Ark, and be sure to visit Carnival of the Cats this Sunday hosted by This Blog Is Full Of Crap. Laurence will also be involved in this weekend's Blogathon 2005 to raise funds for The Cat Society of Israel in memory of Edloe. (end of post)

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