Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Something Sweet

Naughty Paughty Jack-a-Dandy,
Stole a Piece of Sugar Candy
From the Grocer's Shoppy-Shop,
And away did hoppy-hop.
~ Henry Carey (1693?-1743), British poet.
When I was a little girl I received a play doctor's kit for Christmas. Inside it had a bottle of colorful candy balls to use as pretend pills. When we had used them up Mom filled the bottle back up with these nonpareils, smaller but usable. These coat wonderful chocolate candies from the Forbes company and make pretty decorations on sugar cookies.

One of my favorite cakes is Angel Food with fluffy white frosting. They used to make a "confetti" variation and we would put these tiny candy balls on top of the frosting. Later, when I couldn't find that mix anymore, I tried food coloring but that didn't work. Then I found that if these little candies are folded into the Angel Food mix they will make the speckled colors in the cake that made me so happy as a child.

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