Thursday, August 18, 2005

Packed, Yes. Ready, ??????

Honda Odyssey packed to go (front) Posted by Picasa

View from back (Yes there is a method to my madness; it's just not always obvious)

Things went more smoothly today than expected. The van is packed, not stuffed to the gills like last year but full. This year I can still see out the back window. Her car is packed, trunk and back seat. It is 10 PM. One last load of clothes is drying. I have a couple of t-shirts to steam smooth and have packed a small overnight bag for myself, just on the outside chance that there is some parent meeting I have to go to. That way I won't show up in jeans, scrub top and tennis shoes with curly hair wet with sweat and all make-up gone.

Van contents include: bicycle, 8 X 8 ft berber rug, floor lamp, small bookshelf, desk chair, medium trunk, cleaning and laundry supplies and basket, floor stick sweeper, iron, ironing board, metal roll around storage bin, two plastic storage bins (3 and 2 drawer), backpack with textbooks, box of DVD's & CD's, box of plates, cups, utensils and popcorn bowls, coffee maker, 4.3 cubic foot refrigerator, small off brand microwave, box of shoes, medicine, music bag, linens, mattress foam pad, two comforters, body length pillow, two "decoration" boxes, tea, hot chocolate mix, cereal, oatmeal, posters and an under the bed storage box with a variety of things. Her car holds the clothes, phone, printer, computer and the dolly I will use to get the refrigerator up two floors.

Yes, I think we're ready. The stick vacuum doesn't have a filter; I ordered them but they didn't get here in time. I doubt this matters as she probably won't vacuum until Thanksgiving. I'm sure there will be things we have forgotten. At least she isn't twenty-five to thirty minutes from the nearest Walmart.

She's nervous but excited. I think she may wear a Sewanee t-shirt tomorrow and I think this is a bad move but what do I know. Her Grandma told her goodnight. She won't be up when we leave at 5:15 AM.(Got to get through the bay tunnel before the jam begins) This leaving is really not as sad as last years. It is going to be fine. I really, really believe this; I'm convinced that there will be no tears; and then I walk to her door to ask a question, she answers and I suddenly realize....

her room echoes.

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