Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday Sunrise At The Beach

Virginia Beach, 6:15 AM, Saturday August 13th Posted by Picasa
The east is blossoming! Yea, a rose,
Vast as the heavens, soft as a kiss,
Sweet as the presence of woman is,
Rises and reaches, and widens and grows
Large and luminous up from the sea,
And out of the sea, as a blossoming tree,
Richer and richer, so higher and higher,
Deeper and deeper it takes its hue;
Brighter and brighter it reaches through
The space of heaven and the place of stars,
Till all is as rich as a rose can be,
And my rose-leaves fall into billows of fire.
~ Joaquin Miller (pseudonym of Cincinnatus Hiner Miller),
(Sunrise in Venice)

Virginia Beach, 6:45 AM, Saturday August 13th Posted by Picasa

The air was still cool, a breeze blowing in off the ocean, small white capped waves coming ashore and seagulls looking for tidbits in the freshly smoothed sand. Large families, mothers and daughters, honeymooners, and friends gathered on the beach to watch the sunrise. It was magnificent! (end of post)

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