Thursday, August 11, 2005

Magnolia Blossom: Asleep?

Is she asleep or just playing possum? (Click picture for larger view) Posted by Picasa
"You can't look at a sleeping cat and be tense"
~ Jane Pauley (American television news anchor and Journalist, b.1950)
Maggie (common name) was really irate that she has not had any more blog time recently. She let me know that compared to all the other cats, she had received the most comments, almost as many as the blog on her dad. I simply informed her that she was usually in such a foul mood and whiney that I had trouble saying nice things about her; and I told her she never seemed agreeable to the idea of having her picture taken.

She mused on this for a few days. Then this morning she was taking in some sun under the dining room table. Her dad wasn't up yet and she knows I won't cater to her whims about the little dent in her food bowl and all the whining about the cat door. I won't shake her bowl to make the food look even or add food when it is almost full. I won't open the kitchen door so she doesn't have to soil herself by using the same cat door the other cats use. And I won't stand in the hot laundry room watching her eat.

Anyway, when she saw me in the kitchen with my digital camera (to get some early morning shots of the beach) she started mewing and rolling around on the carpet as if to say, "I'm posing, I'm posing, take my picture, I'm ready for my closeup." A "glow" surrounded her from the light; I would say it looked like a halo but she is not that angelic. So I snapped several shots. Many were out of focus, she was rolling back and forth for crying out loud. But a few like this one were ok.

The question of the day is this: Is she asleep or playing possum? She looks peaceful, eyes almost all the way closed like many cats sleep, but..... Two seconds prior she was wiggling on her back under the table. She is playing possum. It's funny how easily they can fool humans in this way. I get the feeling that she knows this, our gullible nature; she uses it for her own purposes and amusement. Under those sleepy eyelids, blue eyes twinkle and her purr hides the deep chuckles of laughter.

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