Saturday, August 27, 2005

Just News

Nyssa. Home at last on the campus of William & Mary. Posted by Picasa
Having a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. - Elizabeth Stone
I normally don't just post short news things, except as pertains to the Mothers Support Group for those with daughters or children going off to college, near and far. But I had a few short items and then going to crash.
  • Just before midnight my little counter went to 10,000 visits. Confetti. Balloons. Horns. And even better, the 10,000 visitor was from, my sweat pea Nyssa.
  • If you visit Nyssa's Xanga site Nystagamus (She knows it's not spelled right but the correct spelling was taken) you will see posts about her college classes, campus, happenings and such. ALL seem to have this recurring theme: I love this school. I am finally home. Have faith out there, it just took two years to get here.
  • As you know Nyssa is a very unusual name. In 19 years she has never run into another person with the same name in Girl Scouts, school, Sunday School or anywhere. We knew others existed but today she met another 'Nyssa' at W&M, in her Latin class. How cool is that? (her words)
Good night or rather good morning. (end of post)

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